Almond Health Mix


A health powder that is mixed with hot or cold milk to make refreshing drinks. The product contains almonds and is suitable for the whole family. Leadnextgen Badam Drink Mix is absolutely free from any added chemicals or artificial flavors because we believe that the goodness of nature is the best way to address your health needs.

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A protein-packed badam drink for children and mothers. Recommended for little ones who are allowed to consume sugar.

Freshly prepared homemade Almond & Date health drink for kids. Because children need ‘Fresh’ & ‘Pure’ foods for maximum nutrition absorption.

50% Less sugar content compared to commercial available Badam Drinks because the sweetness is substituted with dates

Use for making a Badam Drink every day, or as a sweetener for porridges, desserts, parathas, cakes & cookie dough, etc.

It’s a Stage 2 food, best for kids who have eaten all grains & nuts previously
No Preservatives or Artificial Flavours. Shelf life: 4 Months from opening the pack




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