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Leadnextgen offers high-quality, nutrient-rich worm castings and vermicompost for your farm or garden. Our products are full of beneficial microorganisms that improve soil health while helping plants thrive! You can purchase packets at a discounted rate, so you don’t need to worry about running out in-between seasons. Mixed with regular compost or manure it adds a boost to garden soil. Blended with potting mix, it invigorates plants growing in containers, outside or in (properly made vermicompost has a slight, natural smell and is perfectly suitable for indoor use).

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A nutrient-rich organic fertilizer made from Cow Dung using earthworms. Compost made from using earthworm is 4-5 times stronger than any other compost. It is a complete fertilizer free of  weeds , termite & waste. Not only is it rich in nutrients but it’s also loaded with the microorganisms that create and maintain healthy soil.

Benefits of Vermicompost

  • Helps in Overall growth of the plant
  • Keeps the plant lush green & full of foliage
  • Better resistance to pests
  • Increases blooming of Flowering & fruit plants
  • Improves fertility & moisture in soil

Application : 

  • Small Pots -100 gms to 200 gms for each plant
  • Big Containers – 250 gm to 500 gms for each plant
  • In planted bed – 400 gm to 500 gm for each plant & for big plants 1 to 2 kg.
  • Fruit bearing plants – 5 to 10 kg.
  • Lawns – 1 to 2 kg per sq. mtr.
  • Frequency – 3 to 4 times in a year

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