Palm jaggery


Palm Jaggery also known as Karupatti is a healthy traditional product made from palm juice (Pathani) without using any chemicals. Palm Jaggery is an excellent source of iron and minerals. Salemmango takes atmost care in delivering right organic palm jaggery to its customers.

Palm Jaggery can be used as a ingredient in desserts and drinks. It has rich source of minerals, high nutrients, acts as an energy booster ans relieves common medical ailments.

Palm Jaggery is extracted using traditional techniques of boiling the palm juice and accumulating the sugar without any machineries. It is prepared by regular palm tree climbers who does it as a family job and cuts any middleman intervention.

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Made from concentrated sap extracts of a palm tree, Susi Organic home’s palm jaggery is a great sugar replacement for diabetics and people looking to reduce their weight or sugar intake. Being minimally processed, Susi Organic Homs’s Palm jaggery help retains vitamins and minerals that promote vitality and good health including glowing skin.

Health & Benefits :
· Boosts Energy
· Supports digestion
· Helps relieve constipation
· Reduces bloating and fluid retention


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