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Shikakai is an ayurvedic herb rich in Vitamins C, A, D, E & K and other anti-oxidants which are essentials for growth and good health of hair naturally. Herbal Shikakai Powder has been used in India for centuries as hair wash & hair conditioner. It cleans hair, prevents itchy scalp & deep conditions leaving hair soft & manageable. Shikakai does not strip hair of its natural ph value leaving hair soft and clean at the same time.

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Susi Organic Home’s Herbal Shikakai Powder is a hand-blended organic cleanser combines pure extracts of 15 essential Ayurvedic herbs, which gently cleans your hair and leaves it luxuriously Soft, Silky & Shiny. An invigorating combination of Neem, Tulsi & Methi works like magic in treating the scalp infections and other problems like dandruff. Further, these herbal infusions in this cleanser act gently to give your hair a natural shine, luster and fragrance. It also nourishes your hair from inside and strengthens the tresses. It deep conditions your hair with the richness of Aloe Vera, Rose & Hibiscus. This cleanser will not strip off the natural oils from the hair and gives natural bounce and thickness to the hair.

Make a paste of shikakai, apply all over scalp & hair, massage to form a slight lather, keep for a few minutes & rinse off. or make a decoction of shikakai by boiling a few large tablespoons in a liter of water till water reduces to half. Strain out the shikakai using a sieve or piece of cloth, use the decoction all over scalp & entire length of hair, massage, leave on for a few minutes & then rinse off. A paste of amla, reetha & shikakai can be applied all over hair and scalp, massage to make lather, leave on for a few minutes, rinse off. This works as a natural hair wash and hair conditioner at the same time. Reetha cleans, amla gives gloss & shine and shikakai conditions making hair soft & manageable. or you can boil all three in equal amounts and use the decoction as pure herbal Hair Cleanser. use a glass container to boil. Take care to see that shikakai does not enter the eyes. rinse off immediately. hours. rinse with plain water. oil and Hair Cleanser next day.




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